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A medical examination to verify good health and admissibility to the U.S. is known as an Immigration Physical. This doctor's exam is used to identify potential medical conditions that would require follow-up medical care after emigration to the U.S. In other cases this might call for an Adjustment of Status to permanent residence.

Unlike a regular physical exam or check-up in which you bring up health issues that you are experiencing, then get a range of medical advice it is more of a screening exam. This examination is to determine whether it is safe to allow you into the United States. Perfect health is of course not required but you must not have any serious or communicable diseases, drug problems or mental disorders that would make you inadmissible to the U.S. and therefore ineligible for a visa or green card.

Citizenship Immigration Physical

The process of citizenship requires this immigration physical. There are specially designated doctors who provide this examination and complete Form I-693. Your complete vaccine history will be recorded on “Supplemental Form to I-693”. Afterward both of these forms are placed in a sealed envelope and given to you for your interview with INS. It is an INS requirement that you be current with all the vaccines for your given age group.

There are established guidelines as to what elements are needed to complete the forms. Emphasis will be on detecting communicable diseases when you are examined and blood tests for syphilis will be taken. You will be tested for TB (tuberculosis). This skin test for tuberculosis will be applied to the skin of your arm and read at the clinic in 2 – 3 days. If your skin test is positive a chest x-ray may be needed. AS noted earlier your written vaccine history will be reviewed and necessary updates will be given. Normally it takes 3 to 5 business days to complete the tests, forms and examination.

You as the applicant must produce valid, government issued ID such as a passport, state driver’s license, and medical or immunization records. You must also provide any mental health records and your pre-completed I-693 immigration physical form. Be sure to check if the form is up to date. Individuals seeking green cards or applying for citizenship are required to take their physicals conducted by the designated civil surgeon.