Ocala Doctors

If you and your partner are trying to have a baby but have not been able to, you may begin to wonder if you ought to get fertility tests. Experts say it is time to consult with a doctor if you have had regular sex without contraception for twelve months if you're below the age of thirty five and for 6 months if you are over 35.

Fertility Doctor

The first step in identifiying a difficulty concerning fertility could be a comprehensive appointment with your fertility doctor. During this appointment, your medical history and lifestyle will be discussed extensively.Topics like contraception use, menstrual and pregnancy history, current and past sexual practices, medications used, surgical history, and other health issues will be discussed. Your lifestyle pertaining to food and excercise choices as well as your work and living atmosphere can all be mentioned.

Physical Exam

A thorough physical exam will also be done. Areas like your thyroid, breasts, and hair growth will be looked at, possibly along with a pap smear. Good communication with your doctor is additionally a crucial a part of evaluating fertility. Your doctor conjointly could check levels of the secretion progestin in your blood. Increases in progesterone show that you are ovulating. On your own, you can check your body temperature each morning. Basal blood heat rises a small amount simply once organic process. By checking it every morning, you will learn your pattern of organic process over many months.

Maternity and Sterility Specialist

Treating sterility sometimes begins by visiting a doctor who makes a speciality of maternity and sterility. Your health provider or medical specialist will refer you to a fertility specialist. There are several types of infertility treatments. The type that works best for you will depend upon the reason behind your fertility issues.

Sometimes just one person needs treatment, while at other times each partner can benefit from a mixture of treatments.