Cardiology at Ocala Family Medical Center

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When we lose our enthusiasm for something it is often said that "My heart is just not in it anymore". Phrases like "downhearted" and "heartsick" abound in our language to describe how we feel when something just does not feel right deep within us, at our center. To get right to the heart of the matter, we are discussing our heart, and those who help us when we skip a beat.

Cardiologists are medical doctors certified to diagnose, manage and treat disorders of the circulatory or cardiovascular systems such as the heart, veins and arteries. These medical professionals have a high level of responsibility and their duties include diagnosing heart abnormalities, determining treatment plans, assisting cardiac surgeons, and using medical imaging, among others.

Cardiologists examine patients and perform diagnostic tests to identify the nature of ailments. The next steps are determining, and conducting, the appropriate surgery or other medical procedure. Most cardiologists work in doctors’ offices and clinics. Health-care organizations and networks also employ these physicians.

Cardiologists will normally be trained in both non-invasive and interventional techniques. They will also deal with patients who have been fitted with pacemakers, which are small devices that use pulses of electricity to prompt the heart to beat at the right rate. Cardiologists often work closely with cardiac physiologists, who help to diagnose patients with heart problems, and cardiographers, who use electrocardiograph (ECG) and other machines to monitor patients.

Symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pains, or dizzy spells often require special testing. Sometimes heart murmurs or ECG changes need the evaluation of a cardiologist. Cardiologists help victims of heart disease return to a full and useful life and also counsel patients about the risks and prevention of heart disease.

At Ocala Family Medical Center, we provide comprehensive Cardiology services, testing and treatments. Whether you have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular condition or are just looking for a Cardiologist in Ocala, we can meet all of your needs.