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The imaging scanner uses a mix of magnetic fields and radio waves to make diagnostic pictures.

During the imaging procedure the patient needs to lie very still while the imaging magnet and radio waves scan the body.

Software within the imaging machine converts the signals into extremely elaborate pictures that medical employees will use.

Open Bore MRI

The imaging machine with "open bore" encompasses a larger gap than older imaging machines, making it easier for patients who are claustrophobic to experience imaging scans without sedation. In distinction to a "completely open" imaging machine it still encompasses a tunnel the patient lies down in, however the gap (or "bore") is wider and far shorter. The patient who is having having their spine or pelvis examined can rest with their head and lower extremities outside the magnet.

As the name implies the open imaging is open on 3 to four sides depending on manufacturer and model. Prior to the introduction of the open imaging low field system, larger patients were unable to be scanned as a they couldn’t fit within the bore of the machine. Improved accessibility is that the primary advantage of the open imaging. It permits larger framed, weighty or claustrophobic patients to be scanned well.

In addition to being more comfortable, the MRI experience is also up to 70% quieter and scanning is more efficient this makes exams faster and less stressful. The scanner’s software allows the MRI technician to reduce image error caused by breathing, motion, or metal in the patient’s body. A key feature of the software is improved multi-phase imaging, enabling providers to obtain more images in a shorter period of time.

MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging Provides High Quality Images

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) provides high quality images of internal tissues and organs. Unlike with a CT scan, there is no radiation involved in the scan. A MRI is a noninvasive way for your Physician to see and evaluate the area or organ in question and thus be able to diagnose and treat the patient.